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Leaving a message

Even with the prominence of text messages, emails, and live video chats in today’s fast-paced professional and social landscapes, business experts commonly contact clients, or individuals representing companies with which official contracts or agreements have been made (or are in the process of being made), with business phone calls. Business phone calls are utilized by experts regularly because they allow for the maximum professional dialogue to be had, the mood and feelings of others to be better understood, and are inherently personal; all these things combine to make business phone calls ideal for individuals who wish to develop and maintain profitable and mutually beneficial agreements.

Accordingly, just as what a caller says during a business call conversation is important, what a caller says during a business call message, or a short summary left when a professional isn’t able to take a phone call, for the purpose of highlighting the reason that contact is being initiated, is incredibly significant; business call messages could determine whether or not someone returns a phone call, and in turn, whether or not valuable agreements are made.

To understand a typical business phone call message, consider the following example:

Secretary: Hello, Holton Incorporated. How can I help you?

Caller: Hello, my name is Jack Tempt and I represent Syfo Industries. I’m calling to speak with Jared Lotner in marketing.

Secretary: I’m sorry, Mr. Lotner is in a meeting until three. May I ask why you’re calling?

Caller: We spoke at a conference earlier this week, and he stated that he’d be interested in learning more about the products that my company offers. Do you know when he’ll be available?

Secretary: Unfortunately, I’m not sure when he’ll be finished. But I’d be happy to tell him you called. May I have your name and phone number, please?

Caller: My name is Jack Tempt and my phone number is 569-349-1200. Please tell Mr. Lotner that I’m very eager to speak with him, and that I have the warranty information he requested.

Secretary: OK, I’ll let him know. Thanks for calling!

Caller: Thank you.

This business message might be a bit more polite and straightforward than most “real life” messages, but it successfully captures the general tone and procedures of the message-leaving process. Kindness, directness, and attentiveness will go a long way during such messages, which will once again help to create long-term business relationships. So long as a caller knows why he or she is calling and clearly provides this information (in addition to his or her own phone number, of course) a business call is likely to be successful.

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Question 1:
What is a business phone call?
a A call made for social purposes
b A call made between strangers, for “small talk” purposes
c A call made to develop, enhance, or otherwise benefit a professionally valuable relationship
d None of the above
Question 2:
What should one do if a business phone call receiver is unavailable?
a End the call immediately
b Hang up and call back again
c Send a text message
d Leave a business call message, or a short summary of the purpose for calling
Question 3:
What is the general tone of a quality business call message?
a Direct, professional, informative, and clear
b Angry and annoyed
c Sad and depressed
d Uninterested
Question 4:
What are the main benefits of a successful business call message?
a There are no benefits to business call messages
b A call back, which provides an opportunity to further a professional relationship
c The development of professional contacts
d 2 and 3
Question 5:
What is the most important information to leave during a business call message?
a Date of calling
b Time of calling
c The purpose for calling and a business phone number
d A sales pitch
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