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Job interview

Interviewer: Hi! I’m Harry Jones, the HR Manager here. Nice to meet you. Please have a seat.

Applicant: Hi, Mr. Jones. I’m Ann Smith. Thank you. Glad to meet you, too.

Interviewer: Please tell me a little bit about your educational background and work experience.

Applicant: I received my Bachelor’s in Marketing and then went on to earn an MBA degree. For the past five years, I’ve been working in sales at XYZ Company. My most recent position was as Regional Sales Manager.

Interviewer: I see. So, you’ve had a fair amount of supervisory experience, then? How are your computer and communication skills? This position requires spreadsheet reporting and interacting with people at all levels.

Applicant: Yes, I’ve had a lot of supervisory experience, having managed the entire sales team for my region. I’m proficient with various spreadsheet programs. I really enjoy working with people, and am at ease communicating with customers, vendors, and coworkers.

Interviewer: What kind of salary expectations do you have for this position, Ann?

Applicant: My expectation would be within typical market salary ranges.

Interviewer: Do you have any particular questions about the job?

Applicant: No, not at this time. Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I’m looking forward to the possibility of joining your firm.

Interviewer: We’ll be making our hiring decision shortly and will notify you. Nice to have met you, Ann. Goodbye.

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anglais des affaires
anglais des affaires
anglais des affaires

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Question 1:
Ann was interviewed by the company’s…
a HR Manager
b Regional Sales Manager
c Chairman
d Vice President
Question 2:
Ann has worked for the past five years in the field of…
a Spreadsheets
c Vendor Management
d Sales
Question 3:
How does Ann feel about working with people?
a she dislikes it
b she manages it
c she enjoys it
d she communicates it
Question 4:
Mr. Jones asked Ann about her expectations for…
a customers
b sales levels
c XYZ Company
d salary
Question 5:
Mr. Jones indicated a hiring decision would be made…
a shortly
b tomorrow
c next week
d with a spreadsheet
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